Hello, from Scotland!

Blair Castle in Scotland

Scotland’s Blair Castle

The Homecoming tour to Scotland has been a rousing success.

The weather, we are told, has been the best they have had in a several months.

The scenery is fantastic, the people are wonderful and the experience will last a life time. We have felt the presence of our dear friend, David R Ross, all along the way.

The country is even more magical than he had described.

Celtic Force has decided to continue to offer these types of tours in the future with plans for some very special packages.

We will also be working with those in Scotland to be able to come to America and tour our country.

The bond that has formed between our tour group and this ancient land & its people is beyond words.
Start saving your pennies, we’ll be coming back very soon.

Slainte from Scotland,

The Celtic ForceVisit our website: www.thecelticforce.com

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