The Blessed Blend – Unique Does Not Describe It


The name alone seems to raise a question for most folks, however when you find out the meaning behind the name you are immediately introduced to a most interesting blend of culture and heritage.  The Blessed Blend is the name given to the children of those that had parents with Scottish and Native American blood. These peoples were primarily located in the Appalachian region of the US and these unions occurred during the latter part of the 1700s into early 1800s.

Today The Blessed Blend is the name of a wonderful musical group that mixes elements of Native American and Celtic music to deliver a soul stirring sound that reaches across the generations. These musicians are descendents of those original unions between two cultures that has spread to many different parts of the world. The combination of the two styles of music, both entrenched in tribal rhythms, presents the listener with a wonderful experience. This eclectic sound brought the band 5 NAMMY (Native American Music Awards) nominations in 2008.

Now The Blessed Blend have started to work on their latest project. Their next CD will be unlike anything they’ve done in the past and will open new avenues for their music and performances. Celtic Force is pleased to be partnering with the Blessed Blend on this new endeavor. You will be hearing more about this great group and their upcoming new music in the near future.

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