Stirling Bridge Commemoration in Scotland

Thought I’d share this with all of those that have a love of Scotland. This was performed by Ted Christopher, a well respected singer/songwriter, and highlights last Friday’s Stirling Bridge commemoration in Scotland. We met Ted and heard him perform this past March, that’s why he will be one of the entertainers featured on the upcoming Albannach Homecoming Tour next March. Imagine standing in Stirling and hearing this song performed. A special experience indeed!

This song is the one Ted wrote for the memorial service for William Wallace held in 2005 in London. David R Ross walked the 400 plus miles from Glasgow to London to commemorate the 700th anniversery of Wallace’s death, along the same route and in the same 19 days that it took the English to drag Wallace to his execution. Having been dismembered and his body parts sent to the corners of the empire, Wallace never had a proper burial. This song embodies the story of Wallace finally returning home.

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