New Year…New Faces

We all seem to make changes at the changing of the calendar and Celtic Force is no different. People come and go as time passes and we are pleased to announce those that are now coming on board with our team.

First, the musicians being added to our list of artists we currently represent or recommend. You’ve heard about the signing of Skerryvore from Scotland, great group of young Celtic rockers that we’ll be introducing to the US market this year. We are also very proud to announce the addition of Appalachian Celtic Punk group Cutthroat Shamrock out of Tennessee. High energy, in your face, get up and move kind of music. Also we are very happy to have our long time friend, Davey Morrison (formally of Albannach) along with us. You will be seeing Davey at some of the events we manage as well as some other venues as the year progresses with his own unique brand of entertainment. So get ready you Eejits. We are also expecting another addition but are not able to annouce them at this time.

Secondly, we are growing and taking on additional task, such as our social radio network at, our international tours and even producing a new album for Mickey Harte, the award winning contemporary folk rocker from Ireland. This requires good people out in the market promoting our services and we are proud to have the following folks joining our effort. These folks will be helping us at events, hitting the phones to promote our musicians, working with our radio programming and filling in some of the gaps caused by rapid growth. These brave souls are David Glenn, Lynn McKinney, Peggy Jo Braswell, Danny Skinner, Daphne Swilling and Mike Dunlap.

We will be featuring profiles of our new additions over the next couple of weeks but wanted to officially welcome them to the team. Going to be one heck of a year! Get READY!

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