New Travel Dates Announced For Scotland Trip


Dates updated for Scotland Trip – New travel dates announced

The idea for this trip was born when Eric and I made a trip to Ireland and Scotland earlier this year. We felt that with a trusty guide in the form of one  David R. Ross that we could put together something memorable and that’s what’s happening. We are also learning that the travel market has its own unique circumstances and they are keeping us on our toes. Having to think with a group mindset definitely changes your perspective on the situation. 

As we’ve mentioned previously in our materials, dates could vary for travel dependant on several factors and those factors have arisen. Because of the time of year, Continental is our only choice for non-stop flights to Scotland. We have found that in order to guarantee space for everyone that is interested in going (and there are quit a few of you) it will be necessary to depart from Newark on Tues. March 9 and return on Tues. March 16.

When we requested a block of seats for our original dates we were told they were available for the flight over but could not guarantee seats for the return flight. They also informed us that the prices had gone up from the previous quote just two weeks earlier! Well, we looked at options and the best was to move things back a day and we will fly in and out of Edinburgh instead of Glasgow. This will allow us to maintain our rates by locking in our price for the flight now with enough seats to handle a good crowd.

By the way, did I mention that we have met the minimum amount of people necessary to make this trip happen? As I mentioned earlier, the response has been wonderful and is allowing us to put things in place early enough to insure a fantastic experience for all involved. We wanted to keep you updated and appreciate your understanding. Keep checking our website, we will have our FAQ sheet on the trip up shortly.

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