Mother Grove – “Listen To Your Mother!”

image_1229101Mother Grove has enjoyed great success and critical acclaim with their self-proclaimed “Kilt Rock” sounds. Mother Grove has performed all over the country and has been chosen to perform with such Celtic rock powerhouses as Seven Nations, Black 47 and Young Dubliners as well as mainstream groups such as the Violent Femmes, Blue Oyster Cult and Berlin. They have released 5 CDs; their debut disc, “Listen to Your Mother”, “Mother May I” (which contains 6 live tracks), “TRÍ”, “Live At The Dublin Pub” and “Mother Grove’s Fifth”.

Mother Grove blends original rock music with traditional and not-so traditional Celtic instruments to create a sound that is unique, fresh yet timeless.

Mother Grove is influenced by such Celtic Rock style bands as Flogging Molly, Seven Nations, Bad Haggis and The Pogues to name a few, as well as classic, alternative and progressive rock artists such as Dave Matthews Band, Jethro Tull, Ben Harper and others.

Mother Grove truly shines live. With unstoppable grooves and multi-layered rhythms, the music dares you stand still. The band has a professionalism indicative of their many collective years as musicians. They interact with the crowd to such an extent, by the end of the evening you feel as if you are a part of the band. Lyrically, Mother Grove draws from many sources; historical, traditional, spiritual and personal. The words are then entwined with memorable melodies and beautiful harmonies. The band stops short of calling themselves a “Celtic Rock” band, for they are much, much more.

From Mother Grove: The new CD entitled, “By Request” is finished and available for purchase. This CD is special in many ways; First of all, our first 2 CDs have been out of print for quite some time. And we’ve been playing these songs live with the current lineup for over 4 years. We get so many requests for songs from the first 2 CDs that we decided to take some of the most requested songs from those CDs and record them the way we’ve been playing them live with Laura, John and Jim. And we also have special guest John Cataldo on harmonica! Many of you know John from his impromptu jamming at Alma, Michigan and again in Dayton, Ohio. We actually brought a laptop and a microphone and recorded his parts in the board room of the Crowne Plaza in Dayton, Ohio! Ya gotta love digital audio!

This disc is a tribute to our fans who have supported us for so many years and deserve to have the songs they’ve been requesting on CD.

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