Couple brings high-energy to Celtic music



It’s a wife and husband act all the way, says acclaimed Canadian Celtic fiddler Natalie MacMaster, whose fiddler hubby, Donnell Leahy, will join her on the Peace Concert Hall stage Tuesday night. 

“It’s a show we call two fiddles and two pianos,” says MacMaster, much admired for her bow prowess and Cape Breton-style artistry. Keeping it somewhat in the family, the keyboardists are Leahy’s sister, Erin, and Mac Morin from MacMaster’s band.

By the way, the couple’s three girls, who range in age from 4 years to 3 months will be with them in Greenville. “We want to give them experiences while we’re on the road,” MacMaster says, including a trip to Disneyworld while she and her husband perform near Orlando.

MacMaster describes their tour’s program as a showcase of the upbeat, energetic music she grew up with and calls it “the oldest form of Scottish music that exists today.”

Expect that “energetic music” to inspire the vivacious MacMaster to execute some fancy steps while she puts bow to string. Asked just how she can do both at the same time, she says there’s nothing to it for someone who’s been dancing since she was 5 and fiddling since she was 8.


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