Celtic rockers Cutthroat Shamrock bring a little rowdiness

Source: thedailytimes.com

By Steve Wildsmith stevew@thedailytimes.com

It’s not easy convincing those who think of vinyl albums as a thing of yesteryear just how big a deal Cutthroat Shamrock’s most recent accomplishment is.

Group vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Ben Whitehead even had to convince some of his bandmates that signing on with I Hate Punk Rock Records and allowing the label to release a limited-edition, 300-print vinyl album was something to brag about.

“I got a record player four or five years back, and I’ve got a good-sized couple of boxes of vinyl, but the rest of the guys were like, ‘Why do we want to be on vinyl? It’s no big deal,’” Whitehead told The Daily Times recently. “I tried to explain that it really is a big deal. They wanted their label on the back of one of our records, and to do that, they were willing to pay for it.”

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