Celtic Force friends…Getting to know Mickey Harte

Through our work as Celtic Force, we often meet interesting people.  Sometimes, we have the rare chance to know someone very special. Consider Irish singer/songwriter Mickey Harte as one of those rare ones.

For those not already knowing, Mickey Harte is a bit of a star in the Irish music world.  Quadruple platinum record sales tend to engender avid attention and he’s garnered both. Mickey is indeed a very talented musical artist.  He also just happens to be a really genuine and affable guy. So much so that we want to share with you a bit about Mickey Harte.

The meteoric arc of Mickey Harte’s professional career began with a win of the Eurovision 2003 song contest.  For us Americans, that would be the European equivalent of being an “American Idol.” Today, Mickey is often on Irish television, hobnobs with celebrities, is asked to headline charity gigs, and even provides musical scoring for popular programming.

Mickey Harte hails from Lifford, County Donegal, Ireland and, from an early age, pursued his dream of becoming a professional singer/songwriter. He grew up listening to a wide range of music from Glen Miller Orchestra to AC/DC, Christy Moore, Rolling Stones, The Police etc. Family and friends always encouraged him to express his passion for music. From his teens onward, Mickey played in various “garage” bands as well as solo work. Ever evolving, his style today could be described as contemporary with elements of rock, folk, and even some blues. Mickey writes and performs both electrically and acoustically.

In addition to his own composition work, one of Mickey’s particular passions is in mentoring young people to foster and cultivate their own musical proficiencies. He is one of the driving forces behind Musicool Europe, an educational and fun program for aspiring young performers and musicians between the ages of 13 and 19. Musicool works to encourage the participants to express their talent, develop their playing techniques, song-writing and creative abilities, and help instill confidence in their personal performance. perform

Along with everything else, Mickey is working on a new album and has been touring Ireland and Europe promoting previous works. His ambition is to bring his songs and music to as many countries as possible and touch the lives of people with his words and sound.

Mickey has long-considered prospects for gaining wider audience in North America.  Hint… stay tuned. Chances are, you just might have more opportunities to get to know Mickey.

For sounds, sights, and more, go to:  www.myspace.com/mickeyharte and  http://www.musicooleurope.com/

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