The “Grandaddy of Highland Games”

It’s one of the best-known and most unique Scottish festivals in the world. It has all the elements, Celtic music, athletics, Highland dancing, fiddling, piping, vendors, herding, camping, children’s games, clan tents, etc. What makes it different is where it is held and the people that gather there.
One of the oldest and most beautiful mountains on the east coast of the U.S., Grandfather Mountain is one of the best preserved nature locations of its kind anywhere. And a festival of this scale in this location separates it from all the others. It’s not the cheapest event of it type but there is no other experience like it on the planet. The vibe that the location produces can cause a person to go speechless for several moments.
The people that have gathered here are unique as well. They love their heritage and they love to immerse themselves in the festivities and joys that this place delivers. It’s the Grandfather Mountain Highland Games, second weekend of July for 56 years.

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