St Bride’s Church, Douglas in Scotland

the black douglas


When I started reading about Scotland’s history, the thing that drew me in more than anything was the fact that men like Wallace, The Bruce & The Black Douglas actually existed, these men lived for only one thing, to see our country free and to have the ability to control our own destiny.

There are many men in Scotland’s history like the three mentioned above who’s exploits go far beyond the call of duty, but the three I mention are my favourites, especially Sir James Douglas, and it is for this reason that I would like to take you to the last resting place of The Black Douglas, St Bride’s Church, Douglas.

I never knew where Sir James’ last resting place was until I bought DESIRE LINES, (seriously if you’re into Scottish history check this book out) There is a lovely old clock that graces the tower, but as luck would have it, it was away getting repaired when I visited.

The clock is said to have been gifted by Mary, Queen of Scots. The clock, famous for its good timekeeping through the centuries, chimed three minutes before the hour in accordance with the Douglas motto “Jamais Arriere” …never behind.

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