Scotland Revealed!

New 3-part series from Scotland TV a feast for the senses!

A “must see” for those visiting Scotland (or wanting a reminder!). 

To coincide with countrywide efforts and events for Homecoming 2009, STV produced a glorious travelogue series aired in September 2009. The subject?  A celebration of Scotland. Now, both organizations have made available substantially all of the series to viewers online.  And in rich, high-definition. 

With our own Scotland Tour planned for March 2010, we thought we’d share these links with you. As did we, I’m sure you’ll find the imagery stunning, the aerial fly-over views to be spectacular, and the whole presentation to be crafted with joyous love for people and place.  Episode #1 starts with Scotland’s main cities: Edinburgh, Glasgow, and Stirling.  In this episode as well as those following, you’ll have an exquisitely teasing opportunity to preview some of the very places on the itinerary for the March 2010 Tour with Albannach and David R. Ross. 

And, if you haven’t already fallen in love with all that is Scotland, it will be hard to resist after “Scotland Revealed.” 

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