RATHKELTAÍR – A Celtic Rock Jam Fusion Experience

Rathkeltair (pronounce rath-KELT-ur) is one of North America’s premier Celtic rock bands.  Based in Jacksonville Beach, Florida, and touring internationally since 2003, Rathkeltair delivers one of the most energetic, entertaining, audience-friendly shows you will see anywhere.

Bringing together three formidable multi-instrumentalists from England, Ireland, and America, Rathkeltair is essentially a power trio consisting of  guitarist  Trevor Tanner, drummer Nick Watson, and ‘piper Neil Anderson.  Depending on the venue, they will often bring along one or two guest musicians, usually a bass guitarist and occassionally a fiddler.

Trev, Nick and Neil are all veteran road warriors with incredible stories to tell.  Together, they will take you on a rollicking journey through time and space.  So hop in, and hitch a ride in the big white van- we don’t know where we’ll end up but you can bet it’ll be great fun.  Because as any old road dog will tell you, it’s all about the journey, not the destination.  That’s Rathkeltair.

For more information, please visit: http://www.rathkeltair.com

The Celtic Force – Visit our website: www.thecelticforce.com

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