Henri’s Notions – A Continuation of Celtic Music in America

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From soft fingerpicked ballads to hard-driving jigs and reels, Henri’s Notions creates a musical mix of traditional Celtic and American music as well as their own compositions that have a rhythm and voice reflective of their Southern heritage, which lends a pleasing familiarity to the music. The Notions draw from a broad palette of melodious sounds: the ardent sounds of fiddle, lilting flute, keen tin whistles, ringing mandolin, tenor banjo and bouzouki (octave mandolin), and the bounce of the button accordion, all played over the resonant tones and drive of the rhythm section, consisting of acoustic guitars, bodhran (Irish frame drum), bones, and string bass and acoustic bass guitar. Lead voices dance through the intricate embellishments that bring to life the old ballads and songs and all members lend voices frequently creating close, rich, well-balanced harmonies. The group makes a point to provide backgrounds on the songs and instruments used during their performance and this has allowed the group to connect with, educate and inspire audiences for over twenty years.

Henri’s Notions was formed in 1977 when band members were students at the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. The five members come from varied musical backgrounds ranging from traditional Appalachian roots to the classical repertoire. True professionals, they have learned to adapt to almost any performance situation and still remain pleasant, humorous, and above all, entertaining. Listeners often ask, “Who’s Henri?” Actually there is no Henri; the name came early on when the no-name ensemble in making a call to a musician’s referral service dialed an incorrect number (unfortunately after several malted libations) and a lovely voice on the other end answered “Henri’s Notions.” Needing a name prior to the band’s debut at a regional fair, that name was submitted and “took”, as we say in the South.


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