Flogging Molly Still At It

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The L.A. Celtics release new album, Float, to crtical acclaim

By: Kathryn Amey

Known for their rock-punk-Celtic sound, Flogging Molly is an institution in the music industry, and with their new album, Float, and their current Canadian tour, it looks like the 16-year-old band is here to stay.

The band was formed in 1993, after becoming regulars at Los Angeles pub Molly Malone’s, which also inspired the band’s name. After a series of Monday night sets, the band began to gain recognition and eventually signed with SideOneDummy Records.

Float, their fourth studio album, is more politically inspired than their previous work. While recording, banjo player Bob Schmidt claims the band wasn’t really sure what they were doing, but looking back, it wasn’t a coincidence that the title track “Float,” a song about banding together, happened to come out in the time of devastating economic instability throughout the world.

Celtic music as a genre is about “being a rebel voice, being a dissident voice in music; always pointing out societal injustices,” Schmidt explains.

Yet the band doesn’t work directly with any specific charities or organizations that work against these injustices. “What we like to do is not get directly involved with any specific cause, but sort of point out to our fans – because I think our fans are pretty astute people – these injustices,” says Schmidt. “I think our music has a lot to do with a sense of community. Whenever any human being in any country is being mistreated, it would be irresponsible not to point it out.”


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