Cutthroat Shamrock….a straight ahead approach

cutthroat shamrock
Had the chance to work with Cutthroat Shamrock again recently at the Gatlinburg Scottish Festival and their brand of punk/irish/pirate seems to leave a positive impression.

The energy and musicianship is definitely a show stopper, it’s obvious they have been honing their skills over this past year. Known well in Knoxville, these guys are expanding their travels, so keep an eye out for an appearance near you.

Did I mention that they played the weekend festival without a bass player? Seems Guido lost a wrestling match and came away with a broken foot, so what to do? Go on with what you’ve got, and they did!

You’ve got to have talent to continue without a bass player and make it sound good and it sounded very good. It’s also nice to work with someone that delivers without attitude. Of course the beer tent may have had something to do with that…….

Thought you might want to check them out on myspace or facebook…

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