Coyote Run – The Thinking Person’s Celtic Rock Band


Within a sweeping soundscape, Coyote Run engages the audience in story after story, whisking them away to march side by side with Joan of Arc, or to roll out the guns against Sir Francis Drake, invade the French city of Calais, snatch back a faerie abductee, or witness the cruelty of a witch trial in colonial Virginia. The stories are rich and compelling, the melodies are memorable and at once manage to be both familiar and original. Tight harmonies and soaring vocals telling tales from legend, history and myth are the hallmark of this band.

“Imagine Jethro Tull on Broadway and you start to get the picture.”

– Sam McDonald, Daily Press, Virginia

Bagpipes, guitars, accordion, whistles, didgeridoo, electric bass, killer drums, and much more greet the audience at a Coyote Run concert. Something in the alchemical mix of the players and their unique backgrounds creates a seamless, adrenaline filled show that never lets up. From the growling, rhythmic screams of the digeridoo, to the rich, polyrhythms of the drums, to the monstrous and intricate bass lines, the wailing lead guitar, the filigree of the accordion, the triumph of the bagpipes and the lyrical whimsy of the whistles, this is a band that is unlike any other and is not soon forgotten.

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