Celtic music thriving in Havana?

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Fri, 23 Apr 2010

Those taking holidays in Cuba will be able to enjoy a wide range of musical tastes and traditions, it has been observed.

Writing for the Owen Sound Sun Times, Bill Henry noted Havana “pulsates with music”, but it is not just Cuban jazz and salsa.

He explained young musicians in the country are rediscovering the traditions of Celtic ancestors and this has led to the creation of a festival.

Mr Henry was among those taking part in Celt Fest Cuba, which combined Irish fiddlers, accordion players and singers with Scottish Highland pipers based in Canada as well as in Cuba itself.

And organiser Lisa Butchart revealed plans to repeat the event next year.

“I find Cuba interesting,” she was quoted as saying. “I love the Cuban people. We’re starting something that I believe in and the friendships I’ve made with these Cuban people – that’s very special.”

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