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Celtic Fusion is an umbrella term for modern music which incorporates influences considered “Celtic,” or Celtic music which incorporates modern music.

It is a syncretic musical tradition which borrows freely from the perceived “Celtic” musical traditions of all the Celtic nations, as well as from all styles of popular music; it is thus sometimes associated with the Pan-Celtic movement.

Celtic fusion may or may not include authentic traditional music from any one tradition under the Celtic umbrella, but its common characteristic is the inspiration by Celtic identity.

The oldest musical tradition which fits under the label of Celtic fusion originated in the rural American south in the early colonial period and incorporated Scottish, Scots-Irish, Irish, and African American influences. Variously referred to as roots music, American folk music, or old-time music, this tradition has exerted a strong influence on all forms of American music, including country, blues, and rock and roll.

The connections between traditional Scottish and Irish music and Rock music are deep and go back to the origins of American music.

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