Burns & Ogletree: 18th Century Scottish Poetry Inna ReggaeScot Style

celtic musicCeltic Force is always looking for those things in Celtic music that are a bit out of the ordinary. And when we find interesting stories we like to pass them along. Here’s a good one…..

Burns & Ogletree
18th Century Scottish Poetry Inna ReggaeScot Style

It has been 27 years since he penned and performed the drum score for their breakthrough album New Gold Dream, and 25 since the halcyon days of the Perth Pop Anthem – Feels Like Heaven, and now Simple Minds and Fiction Factory drummer Mike Ogletree plays acoustic guitar and sings the songs of Scotland’s national poet Robert Burns.

“I’ve always been a singer song-writer,” says Mike, “when I was 13 I had a guitar and a drum kit, but my hero was Jimi Hendrix. However, since it’s very hard to be a rock band when all your friends want to be guitar gods, I usually ended up playing drums whenever we jammed. And, being admired for my “natural rhythm”, it usually was the best solution and stuck. But I never forgot those singer song-writer roots.”

Since 2006 Mike has been living in New York where he combined all his talents to arrange, perform and produce an inventive CD of Robert Burns music

You can find more information about Mike and his work at www.immortalmemory.net

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