Bakersfield, CA’s New Celtic Band


Battle of the Celts – BY ROBBIE BYRNE, Contributing writer 

I crossed the ocean for a heart of gold, as the song goes, and as well as finding a heart of gold (we got married), I found three great Bakersfield musicians.

My late wife died of cancer about six years ago. My sister lives in Bakersfield, so I decided to travel from Britain to visit her and met and fell in love with my present wife, DiSheree.

I play bagpipes, Uilleann pipes, penny whistles and am steeped in the Celtic tradition of Irish and Scots music. But my heart was also in creating a more “rocky” Celtic sound.

I met Walter Baldwin, (drums) Dougie Kirk, (bass) and Richard Cheney (vocals, electric guitars) and, to our amazement, a new kind of sound emerged. I call it “Celtic Evolution,” a blend of modern rock and traditional Celtic music whereby the bagpipes sometimes play the “lead” in some of the original songs and tunes.


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